Harbeth's Super HL5 Plus - Top of the range Harbeth available for audition at the Asia Sound Equipment showroom in P.J.
Harbeth’s Super HL5 Plus – Top of the range Harbeth available for audition at the Asia Sound Equipment showroom in P.J.

News may well have reached many that the much sought after Harbeth range of speakers is now available for audition at Asia Sound Equipment at its main outlet in Petaling Jaya.

Just in the event you are not too sure, Asia Sound stocks the full range of Harbeth models which include the P3 ESR, the C7ES-3, and the M30:1 and the large Super HL5 Plus. Anchoring the Harbeth range the P3ESR is a compact design measuring 306 x 190 x 184 mm that houses a RADIAL2 110mm bass midrange drive unit and a 19mm Ferro Fluid cooled dome tweeter.

Though small with a low sensitivity level of 83.5 db, the P3ESR requires a fairly substantial amplifier to drive it to an acceptably loud listening level.

When competently matched to an appropriate amplifier the P3ESR is renowned for its exceptional, clear natural sound. The P3ESR weighs a little over 6kg each.

Next in line is the Harbeth C7ES-3, a medium sized design measuring 510 x 272 x 305mm and weighing over 63.2kg each. Within its fairly substantial enclosure are a RADIAL2 200mm reflex loaded bass midrange and a 25mm Ferro Fluid cooled dome tweeter.

Sensitivity at 86db is almost 3db higher than the P3ESR and power handling capability is rated of 150watts into a nominal 6 ohms impedance.

Second largest of the range is the Harbeth Monitor 30.1. Like the smaller C7ES-3 the Monitor 30.1 features the same RADIAL2 200mm bass/midrange and the 25mm tweeter dome units.

They are however loaded into a larger cabinet measuring 460mm x 277mm x 275mm. This combined to give the M30.1 a weight of almost 12kg each. Rated at 150watts into a nominal 6 ohms impedance the M30.1 is of average 85db sensitivity. According to Harbeth the M30.1 is used in some of the more popular sound studios for mastering major TV series soundtracks.

Top of the Harbeth range currently available in Malaysia is the Super HL5 Plus. With a performance pedigree that stretches all the way back to the original Harbeth HL Monitor first introduced in 1977 that launched the Harbeth company, the Super HL5 Plus features a 200mm RADIAL2 bass/midrange drive unit, a 25mm ferrofluid dome tweeter and a 20mm dome super tweeter.

Described as a large stand mount design the Super HL5 Plus measure 635mm x 322mm x 300mm and weigh almost 16kg each. It is nevertheless easy to drive with an 86db sensitivity and a 150watt into 6 ohm nominal impedance power handling capability.

All Harbeth speaker described here are available in luxurious Rosewood, Cherry, Black Ash and Eucalyptus natural wood veneer finishes.

Further information:
Asia Sound Equipment (M) Sdn Bhd
Tel: 03 79552091, Kim at 012 2702208 or Vincent at 018 2255160

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