Sonus Faber trio
Amati Tradition, Guaneri Tradition, Serafino Tradition

If you are an audiophile on the hunt for a high performance pair of speaker system or simply tending to an itch to upgrade, Perfect Hi-Fi, the Malaysian distributor for Sonus Faber is making a limited offer on a selected range of Sonus Faber speakers that is quite impossible to ignore.

According to Andy Tan, it is making a 50% offer on its Sonus Faber Homage Tradition Series speakers.

This offer by Perfect Hi-Fi is for a limited period only from 1st Aug – 20 Aug 2020. The offer is on:

Sonus Faber Amati Tradition: RM189,000 NOW RM94,499
Sonus Faber Serafino Tradition: RM140,000 NOW RM69,999
Sonus Faber Guaneri Tradition: RM105,000 NOW RM52,499

If you are a lover of anything that is high end, handcrafted and Italian be ready with your cheque book!

For more details contact:
Perfect Hi-Fi Sdn Bhd
Tel: 03 21421693 or Andy Tan : 019 21122566

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“I have been through turntables to open reel and cassette tape decks to amplifiers and speakers in that golden era of hi-fi to the sophistication of today's digital audio and AV components such as Bluray and UHD Bluray discs players to streamers and beyond. In the end they all have one common goal … to achieve audio and video in the best, most efficient way possible.”

The other 'hat' that Tan wears, at least once each year, is that of the organiser of the AV Show which started in 1994. The KL International AV Show has been consistently held every year since for the last 26 record breaking years.