PMC's latest Twenty 5i Series. Looks almost identical to the previous range with critical upgrade appearing mostly under the 'bonnet'
PMC’s latest Twenty 5i Series. Looks almost identical to the
previous range with critical upgrade appearing mostly under the ‘bonnet’

In a recent launch Audio-Visual Designs announced the release of its latest series of PMC’s Twenty 5i speaker series.

Consisting of 5 models the new Twenty 5i Series, at first glance, appear identical to the Twenty 5 Series that was first introduced in 2016.

At the launch, Jo Ki who conducted the demo session pointed out that while appearing identical, this new I series infact feature a new tweeter throughout the entire range, an exhaustively reworked crossover network system and a heavily backed up heavy duty speaker support for the three floorstanding models.

The new range in brief, comprises the flagship model the Twenty 5.26i which is also the only three way model featuring a dedicated midrange drive unit.The new tweeter which is standard throughout the range is a reworked 19mm Sonomax soft dome design with 34mm surround and a wide dispersion grill. Bass is handled by a 170mm low frequency drive unit.

Measuring 1040mm x 192mm x 439mm the Twenty 5.26i weighs 25kg and features a 3.3m long ATL bass loading tube.

Sensitivity is 86db for 1 watt input and impedance a nominal 8 ohms.

Second largest in the series is the Twenty 5.24i, a two way model with the standard Sonomax tweeter and 170mm bass drive unit. Measuring 1015m x 192mm x 275mm the Twenty 5.24i features a 3 metre ATL bass loading tube with a sensitivity of 89db for 1 watt input. It weighs 23kg.

Smallest of the floorstander series, the Twenty 5.23i measures 907mm x 112mm x 330mm. Drive units comprises the standard 19mm Sonomax dome tweeter while bass is handed by 140mm woofer loaded via a 2.4 metre ATL tube. Sensitivity is rated at 86.5 db for 1 watt input and overall weight is 15kg.

The two smallest models comprises the Twenty 5.22i measuring 410mm x 192mm x 373mm. Drive units are the standard 19mm Sonomax dome tweeter and a 170mm woofer loaded via a 2 metre ATL bass tube. Rated at 89db sensitivity the Twenty 5.22i weighs in at 10kg.

Rounding off the series is the ‘baby’ of the family the Twenty 5.21i Drive units comprises a 140mm woofer and the standard 19mm Sonomax dome tweeter. Bass loading is via a 1.72mmATL bass tube. With a rated sensitivity of 86.5 db. The Twenty 5.21i weighs 6kg.

For further details contact:
Audio Visual Designs Sdn Bhd
Tel: Tony Low: 012 2330771, James Tan: 016 3280237

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